Monday, 1 June 2015

Maths has been a big worry in most class at the moment .So in maths time make the most of it.In our class today we did more than a hour of maths ,90% used the time. We want all students going up so do the maths!
In room 39, we have been creating our own games based on WORLD WAR ONE. i have been working on a game, based on Monopoly. My game is called ''RED CROSS and SOLDIERS''

World War I Games

Over the last few weeks we have been asking questions and learning about World War I. My game is called The Medical Rush. For homework we had to research about World War I. I used a computer and some books. I decided to base my game on a board game called Couriers. My game is shaped in WWI. Here are some photos of my game.

In the past few weeks we have been learning  and asking questions about WW1.My game is called Time of the six!It is a race track game.For homework we have been researching on world war 1.Then we had to create a board or card game.We did the game with all the information we had from the computers and books.For my counters I used connect 4 counters. This is some pictures of my game.